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Civilian Aviation Medicine

Our Institute as an accredited AeMC (Aeromedical Center) is ready to offer its capability and expertise to perform full aeromedical license procedures compatible with EASA (formerly JAA) standards for all civilian flight categories (ATPL, CPL, PPL, ATC, Cabin Crew, LAPL). Since Nov. 24., 2014. we can provide prompt issue of medical liocences based on authorization of Civil Aviation Authority of Hungary.

As a specialty we can provide hypoxia familiarization training for both civilian and military aircrew camptible with NATO Standardization Agreement STANAG 3114. Based on this STANAG you can choose from two profiles:

  1. a lower simulated altitude at 5500 meter high (that is 18 000 feet high) for 15 min with continous monitoring of vital signs (ECG, Oxygen saturation, every 5 minutes blood pressure), with pass-fail qualification process. It is preferred for rotary wing, (or aircrafts with low peak altitude) personnel (pilots and cargo specialists).
  2. a higher altitude profile training method for demonstration only at 7600 meters high (25 000 feet) profile for maximum 4 minutes, with 30 minutes denitrogenation prior to ascent to target altitude (nitrogen wash out period). It is the main NATO-wide accented profile for supersonic (and high altitude capable) training aircraft's personnel.
  3. At descent phase of both profiles we perform the ear check with diving test, to check the pressure equalization in middle ear (barofunction).

We are also ready to provide the theoretical introductory lectures in English on altitude physiology (hypoxia, hypobaria, decompression and rapid decompression) fully compatible with the agenda specified in STANAG 3114.


The civilian Aeromedical examinations fares are secured in the 35/2013. edictand the 27/2014. NFM regulation, but also shown bellow. For the candidates, the authority free is 7000 HUF (Hungarian forints) in all Categories.


CategoriesValidity (age/month)Candidate testingRenewation of permitAuthority fee
1. Class Medical (ATPL, CPL)under 40 years of age/ for 12 months28 700 HUF16 100 HUF6 000 HUF
 between 40-60 years of age, two seater/  for 12 months28 700 HUF16 100 HUF6 000 HUF
 between 40-60 years of age, single commercial / for 6 months28 700 HUF16 100 HUF6 000 HUF
 above 60 years of age/ for 6 months28 700 HUF16 100 HUF6 000 HUF
2. Class Medical (PPL), Cabin Crew LAPLunder 40 years of age/ for 60 months13 800 HUF9 200 HUF4 000 HUF
 between 40-50 years of age/ for 24 months13 800 HUF9 200 HUF4 000 HUF
 above 50 years of age/ for 12 months13 800 HUF9 200 HUF4 000 HUF
3. Class Medical Air Traffic     Controllersunder 40 years of age/ for 24 months28 700 HUF16 100 HUF6 000 HUF
 above 40 years of age/ for 12 months28 700 HUF16 100 HUF6 000 HUF

 ATPL: Airline Transport Pilot License

 CPL: Commercial Pilot License

 PPL: Private Pilot License

 LAPL: Light Airceaft Pilot License


High Altitude-Physiology Demonstrations:

The hight altitude-physiological demonstrations are a non-qualifying evaluation procedures. Our goal is to familirise the pilots and all air crew with the challenges of high altitude enviroment(hypoxia, decompression aickness: barotrauma, arterial gas embolization, lung injuries and decompression sicknesses - caisson's disease) and to cope with their effects.

We recommend to all pilots, flying personnels and divers to attend these demonstraions in order to enhance the flight safety.

For divers we recommend the participation in lectures to evaluate the susceptibility to barotrauma especially after a sinus/dental disease to perform a diving test. (We perform no DCS treatment.)


TypesDemonstration's typeDemonstration's lenghtFares
Diving physiology coaching and preparationlecture40 min      5000 HUF/person
Decompensated hypoxia zone (insidious)5500 meters/18 000 HUF15 min10-15 000 HUF/person (depenging on the headcount!)
High altitude death zone7600 meters/25 000 HUF 40+15 min15-16 000 HUF/person (depending on the headcount!)
Ear check (barofunction)4000 meters/13 200 HUF5 min4000 HUF/person


Contact and Booking:

Aeromedical Evaluation Board


Hungarian communication: (06/76/581-611)

E-mail:[email protected] or [email protected]

Kecskemét, Balaton street No. 17.


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