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In Kecskemét, the formerly known "Aeromedical Hospital" is now working as the member facility of the Hungarian Defence Forces Healthcare Institute, and of course it works as Aeromedical and Screening Center. With the widening of the institute's duties came a widening of the service provided. Now the Military Screening Center is also placed here too. The civilian services in this Institute - comparing to other healthcare providers - are available in a short notice and excellent quality. Our different departments are responsible for the following tasks:

Outpatient Clinic:

The outpatient clinic has a wide range of medical profiles, with highly qualified professionals. Our 12 medical lines, work in programmed schedule, for our patients comfort. This wide range of service, and the harmonic cooperation of our offices, makes sure of the accurate treatment of our patients in all times. Our well-equipped offices and diagnostic departments work together in patient care: Internal medicine, Neurology, Electrophysiology, Gastrointestinology, Endoscopy, Rheumatology-Physiotherapy, Radiology, Clinical Laboratory, Anaesthesiology, General Surgery and Traumatology, Otolaryngology and Audiology, Dentistry, Dermatology, Surgery, Opthalmology. (Referral by GP or appointment might be necessary.) Echocardiogram (Cadiac ultrasound), exercise stress test, ECG Holter are available at our Cardiology clinic. To treat musculoskeletal problems and conditions, we have our complex Physiotherapy unit (electrotherapy, physiotherapy, massage) together with Balneotherapy.

Modern diagnostic techniques, such as endoscopy, laboratory diagnostics, and radiology (X-ray, Ultrasound) are at our patients service. We provide a full range of Anaesthesiology check-ups pre operatively, not only for our patients at the One-day surgery, but also for those who will be operated elsewhere. Infusion course treatment, 24 hour ECG and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is also available. Smaller operations can be performed at our ambulatory surgery. Electrohysiologycal procedures such as EEG and ENG are also available, just like endoscopy in gastroenterology. Our Endoscopy clinic is equipped with modern gastrointestinal diagnostic instruments and perform gastro-,duodeno- and colonoscopy. The dental services are only available for claimants (members of Hungarian Deference Forces, and thei families).

Aeromedical Evaluation Board:

Our institute's main profile is the aeromedical evaluation. We provide healthcare for supersonic, transport and helicopter pilots, and for the whole on board crew such as board technicians, operators, paratroopers, air traffic controllers, and all other crew members, not involved in operating the aircraft, such as MEDEVAC personnel, and pilot candidates.

We are also responsible for the annual health screening of board technicians, military pyrotechnicians, divers, and of course for the screening of the MoD's and the High Ranked Officials of the Hungarian Deference Forces.

Our Institute as an accredited AeMC (Aeromedical Center) has the capability and expertise to perform full aeromedical licence procedures compatible with EASA (formerly JAA) standards for all civilian flight categories. We can provide hypoxia familiarization traning for both civilian an military aircrew compatible with NATO Standardization Agreement STANAG 3114.

Regarding our unique capacities (infrastructure, personnel, equipment) we can cover the full range of military and civilian aeromedical evaluation procedures.

High Altitude Physiology Department, barochamber:

This department examine all who are referred by the Aeromedical Evaluation Board (such as pilots, paratroopers, and those civilian pilots or patients, affected during flight by changes in barometric pressure. It is our task to perform the pilots' and aircrews' hypoxia training, and barofunction testing.

We are ready to provide the theoretical introductory lectures in English on altitude physiology (hypoxia, hypobaria, decompression and rapid decompression) fully compatible with the agenda specified in STANAG 3114. Tests include "diving test" and 5500m, 7600m and 8000m of altitude, tests adequate to the aircraft.

This department's main field is the non-invasive cardiology, stress ECG, cardio echography, ABPM and HOLTER diagnostics for pilots, air crew, ground crew, special military personnel and civilian patients.

Military Medical Screening Department:

This institute's main task is to test the medical aptitude of candidates for the Hungarian Defence Forces as well as the candidates for the University of Public Servants, and those attending other universities with military scholarship. We are also testing our army personnel and those who will serve abroad, and the volunteer reservists.

Coordination and Data-processing Department:

The department's main task is ti plan, organize and document all the necessary administration around the first level aptitude test. Regiser all related documents and run a database. Synchronize different examinations and tests, create statistics and report. Plan, organize and support daily examination protocols.

Department of Functional Diagnostic and Physical Screening:

The Functional Diagnostic and Physical Screening Department's main task is to evaluate the aptitude of all candidates signed to military screening exams. The physical evaluations take place in a regulated frame of work. The sit-ups, push-ups, running and marching are all controlled and performed under the surveillance of qualified Ergonomists. Our other profile is Functional Diagnostics in cooperation with the Outpatient Clinic's Cardiology, Neurology, providing diagnostic procedures such as Cardio-echography, Exercise ECG, Neurological and Electro-physiological tests, and also serves the cardiology clinic's clinical background.


Psychology Department:

The Psychology Department has two main roles in our institute. The first is to participate in the outpatient care, and make the evaluation for civilian gun wearing licences. The department's other role is cooperation with the Armed Forces, the evaluation (at entering and annually) service man candidates, military university candidates, those before mission abroad deployment, and members of special forces such as pilots, pyrotechnicians paratrooper, divers, air traffic controllers. The psychological screening examines one's attitude, personality and mental capabilities together with his/her motivation and career orientation.

The department also participates in outpatient healtcare, in execute of psychological evaluation of applicants for firearm license.

One-day Surgery:

The One-day surgery service is available in our hospital since January 15, 2008. One-day surgery means, that the patient - even in case of operation done in anaesthesia/analgaesia - can leave the clinic after the operation, within 24 hours, but mostly after a few hours of observation, the patient can leave with an attendant. The usage of the modern surgical and anaesthesiology methods results is less imposition to the body so those operations which previously required several days in a hospital, now can be done within a few hours. Most of our patients leave the hospital 6-8 hours after the intervention but surely within 24 hours. There are some strict rules to regulate the professional and social frames of this service which are discussed with our patients during the pre-surgery consultation. In our facility you can take general surgical, dermatological, otolaringological, orthopedical, ophtalmological operations.


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